5 Healthy Greens To Eat

Greens. Love them or hate them, there are plenty of greens which can be part of a good diet for everyone. Green is also a good color that is part of the landscape even. So, greens are literally all around us.

Recently, there are been a surge in popularity of greens. There have been a lot of recipes and supplements that contain greens. The reason is because greens have been shown again and again that they can help improve health.

What are Greens?

Greens are the category of vegetables that have intense colors that help you when you eat them. These greens consist of spinach, kale, watercress, and others as well.

These vegetables, which are also green, are extremely healthy and good to eat. What are the health benefits, you ask? Plenty, as it turns out.

Every kind of green mentioned have lots of health benefits. Let’s see what each of them can help do. If there are plenty of facts, this might convince you that you should eat them. First, we’ll start with Spinach.

Best Greens You Should Be Eating

Spinach is a great healthy food to eat. I’m sure most of you remember the cartoons where Popeye the Sailorman always ate the spinach and was able to save his wife from someone who wanted to hurt her.


Spinach made a lot of sense since it strengthens muscles and maintains blood pressure. This leafy green also is cheap and easy to prepare. It can also be eaten cooked or raw in a salad.

Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense foods ever. It is popular and related to other veggies, like broccoli and is a member of the cabbage family. There are different types of cabbage and their leaves can be green or purple in color.


All of these are good for you since they have about nine percent of the recommended daily amount (also called the RDA) of calcium and kale also has quite a bit of Vitamin K. Kale also contains very little fat that’s bad for you.

Swiss Chard is another veggie that is good for you. It is a leafy green that is closely related to beets, surprisingly. Swiss Chard is usually eaten raw and usually cheap as well. This leafy green has the ability to help people with diabetes regulate blood sugar.

Swiss Chard

It also has a significant amount of calcium as well. It also helps with blood circulation and blood pressure too. This is a very healthy veggie.

Mustard Greens is a deep pigmented green veggie that should be eaten regularly and it is so good for you. It has a peppery flavor, though, so be prepared for that and lots more. It has been shown that mustard greens even may help protect against heart disease.

Mustard Greens

Not only that but they have fiber but very little carbohydrates, so it is fine to eat it regularly. It also has vitamin C and vitamin K, too.

Watercress is also a leafy green grown in spring water and is very good for you. It has been suggested that watercress has been a staple of the working class in England. Watercress has also been known to have been fed to the Roman armies back in ancient history, too.


Intake of watercress has been shown to lower blood pressure and help prevent cancer too. This leafy green also has a lot of vitamin K as well.

Add Greens To Your Diet!

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to include leafy greens into your life. Next time you are at the grocery store, take a closer look at the greens they have available. A bag of fresh spinach is inexpensive and they taste good too. Try adding other greens we have listed as well to your diet.

One of the great things about greens is that they are very fulfilling so you won’t have to overeat other foods because you are already full! Remember, dieting is only one part to leading a healthy lifestyle. You will also need to exercise to get the maximum health benefits.

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